Run and Become

“Personally the most frustrating thing about having a website was, being as I am fairly computer illiterate, trying to keep it updated. I went through several different web designers (all nice people but not exactly speedy) getting increasingly frustrated as I cajoled and begged them to do things on our site. The day Sumangali took over responsibility for our website all those stresses disappeared. If you ask her to do something, be it a minor correction or putting up a new page, she responds immediately and small things are taken care of right then, bigger jobs within in the week, plus she’ll tell you exactly when she can get it done and wonder of wonders she completes on time! Of course she also has great design talent and keeps our site looking fresh, she has a clever knack of taking my vague ‘I’m kind of thinking we want a sort of… look’ and then producing exactly what I was dreaming of, to the extent that I now hire her to design our adverts for magazines. I can’t recommend Sumangali highly enough. Basically, if you want to have peace of mind and also someone who has patience and understanding and genuinely wants to help you realize your vision for your website you cannot do better than Sumangali.”

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