Madal Bal Holland

The re-branding of Madal Bal in The Hague has been a great privilege, and also great fun! The store relocation and expansion is a courageous and hugely inspiring project. From logo design to signage, to a new bilingual ecommerce website, I’m very fortunate to have been involved in every step of the design process.

“We are very pleased with the cooperation with Pure Web Designs. Although Sumangali is specialized in web design, she basically can design anything very beautifully and effectively. Her creative strength is outstanding, as well as her accuracy and precision. We look forward to working together with Pure Web Designs for many years to come.”

“We wanted it to be stylish but not sterile, professional but still warm and bright, and in line with the ‘natural’ and ‘meditative’ image of our store. We ourselves didn’t have a clue how all that should be accomplished. Then when we saw the first design we were flabbergasted! It was exactly how we had dreamed it should look and feel though we didn’t know it ourselves! I think Sumangali’s longstanding practice of meditation helps her to have this kind of oneness with other people and businesses. That besides her obvious artistic talent makes working with her a really uplifting experience!”


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