California Hybrids

California Hybrids is a leading developer of hybrid tomato and peppers. Founded in 1991 by
Dr. Kanti Rawal, California Hybrids has quickly become a forerunner in flavorful, colorful varieties bred for commercial and home garden use. With an international roster of clients ranging from large growers and seed distributors to catalogue seed companies and retailers, California Hybrids has shown an unmatched dedication to quality and service. Featured on the Food Network, the LA Times and New York Times, California Hybrids’ varieties represent both a return to tradition as well as a forward-thinking approach to commercial viability and success.

The clients wanted a content management system so they could manage the products and news items themselves. They wanted a simple, easy to navigate design, and needed colours that would enhance and showcase their beautiful varieties, so I came up with a site design and updated the logo a little. I really enjoyed working on this project, full of life, colour and freshness!


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  1. Sarah Kafka (Author)

    Sumangali is a skilled website designer and a true pleasure to work with. My company has used Sumangali’s services to create three websites, and she will certainly be our go-to web designer for all future projects. Working with Sumangali is easy because she is very up-front and transparent, she truly listens to your needs, she is easy to contact, is flexible and fast. She always kept to the timeframe we spoke about and was always able to respond quickly when we had changes or questions – even after her work on the project was complete.

    Sumangali is as creative as you need her to be, both in terms of the look and feel of the website and its layout and functionality. When I knew what I had in mind, she really listened to what I envisioned and made it happen, and when the idea was less clear to me, I could give her my priorities and she was able to turn an outline into a reality. She did some nice creative work as well – creating logos or tweaking existing ones, and making our sites look very professional. Sumangali was also very accommodating of our budget and was open to adding all of the content herself, or guiding me so that I could do the work and shave some hours off the project. When the project is done she provides an easy to use manual, and I have had very little trouble making changes and adding to my sites over the last few months.

    I highly recommend Sumangali – the price is right and her services are excellent!